Monday, November 8, 2010

Hot Lips for Chilly Weather

Hola Ladies!

I've had some product reviews building up that I've been needing to do, and when it dawned on me that 4 of the products that needed reviewing were lippies, I figured I'd roll them all into one post. Before I even start, I wanna thank , , and for sending me the following products to check out.

With cold weather upon us and the holidays right around the bend (47 days until Christmas) - there are two things that you need to be worried about when it comes to your luscious lips:

Number one - keeping them protected. Dry, cold air is a bitch & chapped lips are an even bigger bitch. Even if your lips aren't chapped right now, keeping them moisturized all the time will prevent this painful and seriously unfortunate looking epidemic from striking you.

Number two - looking hot. You're going to be going to holiday parties and all that jazz. You need something for Thanksgiving dinner that won't make Grandma think you're a hussy AND you need something that turns the heat up a couple notches when Gram isn't around. I've got you covered on both ends.

"Crazy Rumors" is a fun company that prides itself on using all natural ingredients and fun flavors. They sent me 2 of their lip balms - a Mocha from their "perk" line and an Orange Bergamot from their "brew" line. Coffee and tea lovers, get down, because you're going to love these. They're definitely a bit more scented than most lip balms, but I like them because there are no funky ingredients - which I think is super important if you're going strictly for the benefit of your lips. Plus, they smell way better than those medicated, store brand balms & let's face it: they're fun! They have a ton of varieties and they're all reasonably priced, too ($3.99 per balm). Check out their all natural, cruelty free, vegan brand .

Here's my Thanksgiving dinner friendly suggestion, which is brought to us by the lovies over at Duchess Cosmetics. I love Duchess lip glosses because they:
1. are not sticky at all, but they're still glossy without feeling oily
2. smell like citrus and vanilla had a delicious love child
and 3. feel and look lightweight,
which is perfect if you don't want to feel/look overdone.

Let's admit that while I may love hot pink lip gloss with gold glitter in it, it's not always practical. This particular color is called "Kate" and if you have a fair skin tone like I do - this is kind of that happy medium plummy color that compliments everything. It's great for fall because it's not too intense, but it definitely gives you a pop of color. They run $18 a tube, so they're more of an investment, but it's a great go-to lipgloss that won't let you down. See all the colors on the .

And now my friends, it's time to get Saucy. This lipgloss is freaking hot. The picture does not do the color justice, but it looks to me like your lips are throwing a hot holiday banger and whoever looks at them will want to be invited.

It's that good.

The color is called "LUSH" and Senna describes it as a "gold flecked berry". It's a little bit thicker than most glosses, meaning it is a little stickier - but if you plan on doing a lot of talking, drinking, eating - you need something a little bit more heavy duty. It's a brand new color for fall and even though these pups are $19 a tube, you will get compliments on this gloss - it even looks sexy in the tube. Check it out & the rest of Senna's unreal colors on the . You've gotta have at least one in your collection.

Well, my ladies - there we have it. I hope those suggestions will come in handy when stocking up for the cold winter months. As always, questions and comments are welcome & I hope all of you have a great week ahead!

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Glossy lipsticks? All natural ingredients? I'm sold!!


Ooo I like the Lush one! Natural ingredients rings my bell. I'm familiar with Crazy Rumors. I love all their different types of flavors!! =)

Anonymous said...

I love Crazy Rumors lip balm - so nice to know that organic products can be fun too!

Anonymous said...

I love Duchess Cosmetics because they're not sticky and they smell yummy!

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