Friday, November 12, 2010

We've all been there..

You wash your face before you go to bed, moisturize to perfection, & do everything you're "supposed to do" to have clear skin... yet whenever you wake up in the morning - there it is. Freakin' staring at you.

El pimple.

Regardless of your skin type or how clear your skin is, we all know that there are certain zits you just can't deal with. They're red, they hurt, and they're ugly. There is no other option for them besides getting them the hell off of your face and getting them the hell off of there now. PRONTO.

I had one of these aforementioned wonders about a week ago & when I stopped into the grocery store, I figured I'd swing past the cleansers and check out all of the "spot treatments" that I've seen advertised. I'm a fan of clean & clear and after I read the directions on all of the different brands, they all said the same thing: make sure your face is clean and apply a thin layer of medication 1-3 times daily.

I have a few issues with this: 1. Applying 1-3 times daily to clean skin is all well and good if it's a Sunday and I don't plan on doing anything. I know you shouldn't put makeup on over a pimple, but who follows that rule? You want it staring everyone in the face all day? No, you don't. So the fact that I need squeaky clean skin everytime I put it on is a downfall for me. and 2. Obviously for max results, they want you doing this 3 times a day. I guess it's not reasonable - but I would like a spot treatment that follows the "one and done" rule. But you can't always get what you want.

Anyways, I got the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
Runs you about $7 at drug or grocery stores

Overall, it did the trick and reduced redness and pimple size (didn't completely demolish it) within about 3 days. I still have a little bump there, but obviously I was just using it before bed and then again in the morning before I put my makeup on since I didn't have time to wash my face & apply it again at work 2 more times. They boast on the tube that 100% of people saw improvement in just 1 day and I'll tell you what I saw after one day: a whole shitload of redness, but not as big of a bump. I guess there's some type of trade off there, but I was shocked that it actually made it way more red. The second day, both redness and size had seriously gone down - so I guess the rudolph effect was just an initial reaction. It didn't dry out or irritate my skin which was nice since it's always risky putting something that's "medicated" onto freshly scrubbed skin. I wasn't expecting a miracle treatment for $7 - and I'd say for the price it's not a bad buy. If you've got something big on the weekend and something pops up on wednesday that you don't want hanging around - this could probably fix you up & seriously reduce size/redness. But if picture day is tomorrow and you've got a bright red third eye.. well.. I hope you have a good concealer. 

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